With pleasure, we present the Ecoterm Institute. We believe that each individual plays a crucial role, and real change begins within each of us.

Integrating eco-efficient technology, we are a vital component in sustainable development in the earth construction sector. Our efforts, based on studies and research, result in innovative concepts, and through collaborations with various organizations, we are consistently advancing the field of ecological construction.

We continually seek to improve products and processes, and the Ecoterm Institute's Certification is issued on the Cardano blockchain, ensuring consumers superior quality products and services.


We are more than an organisation; we are agents of good!


Our Organization's Mission

The Institute Ecoterm aims to raise awareness and share knowledge about good practices in sustainable construction, using earth and/or waste as construction materials, in pursuit of a high-quality environment and compliance with current environmental legislation.


The Association has the following purposes:

I. The congregation of individuals or legal entities with the aim of promoting studies and appropriate techniques for sustainable civil construction, using earth and/or waste as the main raw materials in the construction and/or manufacture of construction materials.

II. Represent its associates with legal entities governed by public and/or private law, with the aim of disseminating the studies and techniques developed by the Institute Ecoterm.

III. Promote the training of members and publicize the objectives of the Institute Ecoterm, by conducting training programs and advertising campaigns to raise awareness about the association and its objectives.

IV. Develop measures, actions, and projects that aim to assist, contribute to, and strengthen its associates and the defense of the protection and conservation of the sustainable environment.

V. Promote the adoption of innovative technologies in civil construction in pursuit of sustainable development.

VI. Seek the best ways to develop specialized knowledge focused on sustainability in civil construction.

VII. Participate, guide, provide services, and offer advice on projects and programs, whether public or private, that promote the activity of sustainable civil construction.

VIII. Interact and establish relationships with other entities that have similar objectives.

IX. Certify manufacturers and builders working in the sustainable construction sector, promoting the adoption of good practices and ensuring the quality of the products and services offered.

X. Foster research and development of new techniques and sustainable materials in civil construction, support scientific and technological research aimed at sustainable construction, with an emphasis on the use of land and/or waste as the main raw materials.



The modular bricks produced by manufacturers certified by the Ecoterm Institute adhere to a quality standard, a meticulous process that results in bricks of quality surpassing the requirements of Brazilian standards (ABNT NBR 8492, Soil-Cement Bricks – Dimensional analysis, determination of compressive strength, and water absorption – Test method). ABNT - Minimum 2 MPa and 20% moisture absorption

Ecoterm® Quality Standard:

 T1 - Common: Minimum 3 MPa and 12% moisture absorption

T2 - Structural: Minimum 6 MPa and 10% moisture absorption

T3 - Special: Above 6 MPa and moisture absorption below 10%

We believe that lasting relationships are built on truth and reciprocity.

We have a direct commitment to our collaborators and society, promoting awareness and the implementation of sustainable constructions. What is good for the planet is good for you.

We believe that natural resources should be used efficiently and without waste, ensuring access for future generations.


A solid and respected organisation is not built in isolation. It is crucial to establish strong partnerships with aligned goals to provide effective solutions to consumers and enhance the reputation of our Institute and partners.

Discover now the manufacturers committed to the highest standards of quality, certified by the Ecoterm Institute:


Get to know the builders who strengthen the Ecoterm Institute more and more:

Hélio Dias

Architect and Urban Planner, professor and consultant in Sustainable Projects and Works. Owner of GreenHouses, builder of eco-sustainable homes, which incorporates CRATerre-ENSAG and LEED GBC criteria. Differentiated and innovative, they guarantee environmental comfort, employ bioclimatism, biophilia and energy efficiency, being healthy, healthy and comfortable.  LinkedIn: arquitetoheliodias

Marcos Nunes Pereira

Professor at Universidade Anhanguera São Paulo in the city of Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo, Brazil. Owner of Senior Arquittura e Design which aims to offer its clients services and architectural projects with advanced quality, developed through software with a high degree of technology and innovation, allowing for a construction with adequate cost and effective control in the execution of the project.

Thiago Martoni

Thiago has over ten years’ experience in professional marketing, advertising strategies, campaign development, event planning and client relations management, which he used to his advantage in 2015 when he co-founded the Institute Ecoterm Modular. With a strong mindset to use business profits in a way that improved the environment and local communities, Thiago created partnerships with the top universities in Brazil, Engineers without Borders, mining companies and pressed earth block factories, which manufacture Ecoterm's patented products. His most recent pursuit was becoming a soil specialist and consultant to businesses who are also wanting to build a more sustainable future.


Get to know the partners who are part of and contribute to research and development in the sector alongside the Ecoterm Institute.

Earth Natives

The Natives were forced underground when the Earth's surface became uninhabitable and evolved into new species. This NFT collection of minerals is an educational project from the Institute Ecoterm seeking to broaden the knowledge about sustainable construction using EARTH as a building material.

Earth Building Association of Australia

EBAA is a broad based organisation which has members that include builders, specialist contractors, tradespeople and ownerbuilders, specialist manufacturers and suppliers, architects and designers, consultants, educators and students, with a common interest in the use of Unfired Earth.

Cardano Blockchain

Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change.

National Association of the Ecological Brick Industry

ANITECO aims to build a new look at this modern and emerging industry, with a view to promoting the real distinction between ecological bricks and ceramic bricks. With the strength of our union, we will advance towards achieving solid results in terms of environmental regulation, the lack of fiscal incentive policies and also in the tax differentiation of our product compared to others that generate environmental damage.

TerraBrasil Network

The TerraBrasil Network is a national organization, made up of professionals and students, bringing together institutions, class entities, and the entire society involved in the theme of architecture and construction with earth.

Minas Gerais State University

UEMG was created in 1989, by the provision contained in the State Constitution. As foreseen when it was founded, it is a multicampus University, present in several municipalities in Minas Gerais. In the organic structure of the State, the University is linked to the State Department of Education – which is responsible for formulating and implementing public policies that ensure scientific and technological development, innovation, and higher education in the State.

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Ecological awareness is at the core of who we are. 

The headquarters of the Ecoterm Institute is located on a rural property that already has the required amount of native forest per land area. Beyond complying with Brazilian laws, we have taken on an environmental commitment to restore degraded areas. We have built a small nursery for Brazilian native trees, including species such as Jatobá, Jequitibá, Ipê, Seringueira, among others. These trees are identified and cataloged according to the Manual of Identification and Cultivation of Native Tree Plants of Brazil from the Plantarum Institute of Flora Studies.

In our area, we receive visits from various bird species, such as parakeets, toucans, seriemas, herons, among others. And every year, we expand the preservation area, as our goal is to rebuild forests with greater diversity of trees, fruits, and birds.

Farm Lago Azul, s/n
Rodovia MG 050 | Pratápolis - MG
CEP: 37970-000 - Brazil
Phone: +61 420 808 723

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