Compressed Interlocking Brick

Used for self-supporting masonry, this brick model is hollow and has two holes in the middle, it can be with or without male / female fitting, in the formats of 25x7x12.5cm and 30x7.5x15cm and different colors.

Interlocking half-brick

O meio-tijolo, como é conhecido, permite o alinhamento nos finais de cada fiada, possibilita a divisão de espaços e a amarração entre os tijolos com alinhamento intercalado.

Interlocking Brick Channel

The channels are used as ways to concrete the lintel, counter-lintel and support the house, creating a kind of iron and concrete belt. In addition to eliminating the forms of wood, they are embedded in the wall enhancing aesthetics.

Solid brick - CEB

Mais resistentes que os convencionais, os tijolos maciços de solo-cimento são ideais para paredes de vedação. Apresentam cantos esquadrejados, o que possibilita um melhor assentamento e uma parede mais prumada.

Breeze Block

In addition to low environmental impact, Ecoterm hollow modules offer excellent finish and resistance. They are produced in 25x8x12.5cm and 30x9x15cm formats.

3D Tiles "Flower of Life"

Revestimento 3D ecológico baixo relevo, design é homenagem referênte a geometria sagrada. Formato é 25x4x21.6cm e cores são variadas.

3D Tiles "Pisces"

Elegant and sophisticated, Ecoterm's new launch, Pisces model coating, 25x3x12.5cm and 30x3x15cm formats. Various colors, white model is produced with 85% recycled glass


Ecoterm's goal is to spread and promote the use of ecological bricks, so it is a pleasure for us to help people who would like to build or open a factory.

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