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The idea of ​​creating this technical construction manual with modular soil-cement bricks came from a partnership between us with the State University of Minas Gerais and the mining Morro Verde.

Thinking about offering an adequate orientation about the care in the execution of the modular masonry work and in order to collaborate for the development of the sector, we have organized some editions of the ECOCAMP intensive course and as didactic material the creation of this manual.

The manual seeks to guide civil construction professionals and even informal workers on good practices when executing a work with modular brick. Since several ways of execution were found, we tried to use what in practice was more efficient and safer, seeking maximum quality for the work.

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According to a survey conducted by NASA (American Space Agency), the month of April 2016 was the hottest month on record. And one of the reasons for this high temperature is Global Warming. And do you know how you can change this scenario? Making smart choices.

The ecological bricks have holes that form thermoacoustic chambers, which control the temperature inside the building and help to isolate noise, providing much more comfort. With Ecoterm bricks, the side of the wall that is exposed to the sun absorbs heat and heats the internal air columns.

The hot air molecules are more agitated and therefore lighter, forcing the hot air to rise, stealing and eliminating the heat from the bricks. The replacement is made by cold air that has the highest density, thus preserving an always ambient temperature and providing more comfort and more airy places.

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A company that believes that innovative techniques are built with constant improvement. After many investments in research and studies, in the
we become a specialist in the soil-cement business, to provide the construction market with the most efficient solution: the ecological modular thermal brick.

Today, it is already a reality: natural resources are increasingly scarce and it is essential to preserve the environment in which we live, for us and for the next generations.

Thinking about it, Ecoterm brings an eco-efficient solution to the civil construction sector: the ecological brick. Also known as soil-cement, this brick is produced from the recycling of tailings from mining (soil, cement and water).

The bricks are cured with water and shade, which eliminates the process of burning in ovens, causing less environmental impact.

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